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What is the role of Transnational Advisors?
Transnational Advisors is an independent insurance and financial service brokerage firm. The difference between an Agent and a Broker is that an Agent represents the insurance company and proposes plan designs, rates, and limitations keeping the best interest for the carrier in mind. A Broker is contracted with various or all insurance carriers to provide for the same capacity, however, keeping the client’s best interest in mind. In other words, Transnational Advisors is a brokerage firm that works and represents you the customer.
How long has your company been in business?
Transnational Advisors was started from Texas Benefit in 2012 and previosly as Polanco & Associates in March, 1993 specializing in individual health, life and small group insurance plans. The intent was to gain experience working with smaller cases gradually growing into the larger group market with increased experience to accommodate a larger client base. By 1997 the Company was growing rapidly and therefore increased staff was required to provide the personalized “value added” service that our smaller clients had grown accustomed to.

In 1996 our firm was certified by the South Central Regional Certification Agency as an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) as well as SBE (Small Business Enterprise).

In it’s evolution of corporate identity; the firm changed its name to Texas Benefit in January, 2001 to quickly identify the purpose of the firm and the primary geographic area of service as well as the addition of Retirement Plans, Mutual Funds and Investments to our Product Portfolio.

As of 2012, Transnational Advisors has continued to grow its client base serving many Texas Customers with multi- locations throughout the United States. As of 2013, we are now licensed to offer Property and Casualty Insurance making us a true full service agency.
What services could you provide us?

Highlighting our services include: consultation of employee benefit needs with appropriate plan designs, present new innovative benefit plans in the marketplace, and processing bid information for quotes. We also analyze quotes received and perform a comparison study to narrow the selection process and present final study and proposals with recommendations for your decision.

If a decision is made to make a plan change Transnational Advisors will provide full coordination of the enrollment process. This would include assisting in scheduling dates and time for all locations. Ensuring that enrollment materials are provided for all employees and locations. Texas Benefit will also be present at each enrollment meeting to ensure complete presentation of plan designs along with explaining the different options available and premium amounts to the employees. We will also work with your Human Resource Department to assist with coordination and completion of the enrollment process. Full follow up with the new carrier(s) to assist with the completion of this process.

Please describe all products available from Transnational Advisors that I may need.

Transnational Advisors is licensed to provide the following products and services:

  • General Lines Agent
  • Health Insurance (both fully insured and self-insured)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term and Short Term Disability
  • Vision Plans
  • Voluntary Plans (accident, cancer, hospital indemnity, critical illness etc.)
  • Annuities (fixed and indexed)
  • Consumer Driven Health Products – HRA’s and HSA’s

Investment Company Variable Contract Representative

  • Mutual Fund Investments
  • Qualified Retirement Plans (403b, 401k, IRA’s, SEP’s, etc.)
  • College Savings Plan (Section 529)
  • Variable Annuities
  • Variable Life

Property and Casualty

  • General Liability
  • Commercial
  • Workers Compensation
  • Auto, Home

How will our service representative assist with claims and/or coverage questions? What is the approach to assisting with claims and/or coverage questions?

We know how frustrating it can be trying to get any type of issue resolved with an insurance carrier. That’s why we are dedicated to providing this service.

Transnational Advisors is dedicated to providing personal assistance with claims, coverage questions and other issues. Our service representatives take ownership of all employee claims or coverage concerns. We contact any insurance carrier or provider on behalf of any employee with a commitment to a timely resolution of all issues.

Describe your policies and procedures to assure confidentiality of medical records.

By the very nature of our business, insurance brokers deal with a continuous flow of information that is intensely personal and private Every day, we are touching the most intimate details of our insured’s medical records, therefore, we make certain that in every single case this information is treated with respect and remains absolutely confidential.

Our insured’s have the right to know that their personal, private medical information is only being viewed by persons directly involved in the process of administering their care and managing their coverage and claims.

An adequate balance between protection of information and accessibility of information is crucial. It would be relatively simple to add layers of bureaucracy and insulation to patient information, but the result would hamper quick access to necessary information in order to meet customer service needs. The future of our industry, I believe, will address this issue with online information processing and data image processing to diminish sensitive paperwork in working areas.

Texas Benefit employees are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement upon employment. Our files are kept locked in a separate storage area. Visitors to our offices are not permitted in areas where confidential material is maintained.

How does Transnational Advisors relate with service providers in the network? Below is an example of problem solving/solutions for our clients.
Transnational Advisors holds strong positive relationships with all insurance carriers and we work very closely with carrier representatives to resolve issues. Our staff has expert knowledge of the appeals and grievance procedures and has written letters of appeal on behalf of our clients for assistance in resolving various claim issues.
What type of action that would be taken, and what support is provided by the personnel who would be involved in investigating and settling of a disputed claim?
Immediately upon notification of a claim issue, our CSR, Customer Service Representative, would log in the inquiry, and gather the information needed to further investigate the issue. The CSR would work with the employee or subscriber, provider in question and the insurance carrier’s claim representative and in some cases; the market representative may be brought in for assistance along with any insurance carrier or provider management to insure proper resolution. The CSR would then be responsible for logging the resolution along with notifying the employee or subscriber, of the resolution; whether it is a recalculation of a disputed claim, account adjustment on the part of the provider or clarification of benefits.
What are other services that Transnational Advisors may provide?

Unique from all other brokerage firms is RMS, “Resource Management Services”. RMS allows additional services such as the following:

  • Help with any claims issues between carrier and the client
  • COBRA/HIPAA Administration through Ceridian COBRASERV
  • Section 125 for Premium Only Plans and Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Employee Exit Program assisting employees leaving your organization with individual health, dental, and life insurance. Also, provide assistance in IRA Rollovers from their 401k, 403b and other retirement plans.
  • Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs
  • HRA / HSA Assistance when needed
  • Legislative updates for Human Resource Administrators
  • Coordination and participation for Health Fairs and Wellness Objectives
  • Power Point Presentations for benefit communication meetings
  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for Benefit Communication, and forms. This includes helpful tools such as a “sample” Employee Handbook with instruction and guidance; Laws pertinent to your state, etc.
  • Industry Reports
  • Monthly Newsletter

What makes this service unique? We provide complete services under one company! Transnational Advisors has associate relations with many of the best administrators in the country providing these services. We simply provide for the best match and pay for it from our earned income. No hidden cost to you. COBRA’s biggest savings will come from the removal of liability, the Section 125 expense will never exceed the cost savings from pre-tax advantages, and the Employee Exit Program implements risk management from individuals that have left your organization while helping them in their insurance and financial needs.